While few people love exploring places on their own, many have a curiosity of knowing just everything about the place they are visiting. They like the idea of hiring someone who is gifted with local knowledge and has every information on his/her fingertips. Singapore is one fantastic city that is home to amazing attractions. From skyscrapers to history dipped places, you’ll get to see an excellent mix of modernism and history here. So, if you are in full mood to explore the city well, booking a Tour Agency Singapore is suggested. But, here are some questions that you need to ask before booking one.

1 – Can they tailor the tour as per your requirements? 

If you are going on a tour with your entire family, each member would have some special requirements. Write everyone’s need at one place and then inquire what best can you get from the tour agency. Almost every tour company in Singapore can offer you facilities as per your needs. Also, if you are planning to head to a new destination, you can even ask for Tour Packages from Singapore.

2- Are there any hidden charges?

Before making any booking, it’s important to know that the money you are paying includes everything or are there any hidden fees/exclusions. Many companies charge extra for the admission fee of the attractions you visit while many keep the cost inclusive of the final amount that you pay. Always ask about the exclusions.

3- Is the guide expert or novice?

Successful completion of any tour depends a lot on the guide. The knowledge and approach of the guide can make a big difference. You might get bored by all the silly information provided by a non-expert while on the other hand, a well-versed guide can easily make you fall in love with Singapore.

4 – Would you get enough time to explore each destination?

While a lot of people like staying at one place and absorb, others have a rush of seeing everything before the sun sets. Tell your tour operator explicitly about the kind of time you would want at your top favourites and book only when you are convinced with the time offered. Never rush when booking a tour agency in Singapore.

5- Is there any fee for cancellation?

Enquire well about the cancellation policy and structure of the company you are planning to pick for bookings. Many companies have a full refund policy if you cancel a month before the tour date while many offer a full refund even a week before. So, before getting the bookings done, find out what happens in case you reschedule or cancel.

6 – Is the meal included?

A day-long tour would leave you exhausted without food. Ask the tour operator if the meal in included in the amount you are paying. If not, will there be any food breaks wherein you can purchase something and eat, or you must bring your packed food? If your tour bridges any meal, this question is a must ask.

7- What is the duration of the trip?

If you don’t want to see everything and grasp every information in one day, get your tour customised in a way that it takes two days for you to see everything you want to visit. You might have to pay a little extra, but you would not have to go beyond your threshold of grabbing information.


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