4D Magix + Cineblast 3D + Desperados - Attraction Details

4D Magix + Cineblast 3D + Desperados

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

It is a Singapore best theme park, the high-tech interactive entertainment zone is home to three exciting experiences, suitable for every age group. It is considered one of the best tourist attractions Singapore.

1. 4D Adventure Land: Journey 2:
The Mysterious Island: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island the 4-D Experience-First In Asia. Now you can live the adventures of the thrilling Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in stunning 4D only at Sentosa, Singapore. If you are looking forward to an adventure packed screening session then make sure to get the tickets of this family adventure drama in 4D. A sequel to the super hit movie Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a film which is suitable for young and adults alike.

2.The Sentosa 4-D Magix:
Pirates in 4-D is a 3-time winner of the Asian Attractions Award (Small Attractions Category) and it sure does deliver an amazing show. You will experience first-hand the various obstacles that Captain Lucky and his band of pirates go through on a hilarious 4D treasure hunt.

3.Sentosa CineBlast: Extreme Log Ride
For this experience, you assume the role of a log being transported around fictitious Himalamazon New Tree Factory. With a 3-D glasses and strapped inside a motion-capsule, you will go on a simulated indoor roller-coaster ride where you could get attacked by crocodiles and have rocks hurled at you.

One of the latest attraction to join this high-tech entertainment arena in Sentosa is Desperados. In this interactive shoot-out game, you assume the role of a deputy sheriff to take down bandits in the Old West. The main challenge is holding onto a galloping mechanical horse while trying to aim at targets on the screen. There are also innocent people on screen which I think you are not supposed to shoot at. The shoot-out experience lasted less than 10 minutes but it could get tiring on your hands-both in holding down the horse and aiming at your targets. However you are not alone-there are 20 other shooters also trying to take down the bad guys. Don't slack off as the scores of all the shooters are collated and announced at the end of each stage-you could get labelled as a donkey for having the worst score.