Merlion Tower - Attraction Details

Merlion Tower

Opening Hours : 24 Hrs

The legendary Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion's head and a fish's body - as a guardian of prosperity which personifies Singapore's history as an important seaport. The lion head depicts the folklore of Prince Sang Nila Utama's discovery of lion (singa) and City (pura) while the fish tail symbolises the fishing village of 'Temasek', also known as 'sea-town' in Javanese. Today, the majestic Merlion is a Singapore icon attracting visitors from all around the world.
If you walk past some of the significant sites in the Lion City, you'll meet more than one Merlion. There's the 8.6-metre porcelain statue at Merlion Park, another 2-metre cub porcelain statue right behind it, a 3-metre polymarble statue at Tourism Court as well as another one of the same height on Mount Faber. Last but definitely not least, there's the majestic 37-metre-tall concrete Merlion on Sentosa Island. Unlike its predecessor by the Esplanade, Sentosa Merlion distinguishes itself as the only Merlion in Singapore where you can discover the urban myth and uncover treasure within its attraction trail. of Prosperity Coin.

Prosperity Coin
Find the Gold Merlion Statues, also affectionately known as the Mercubs, as their wondrous charms will let many take home some fortune. Guests will be given a card at the entrance to slot into the lucky statues in exchange for a limited edition Prosperity Coin. So don't leave Singapore without entering Sentosa Merlion to collect your own treasure.

Prosperity Bell
Ring in some positive energy. No visit is complete without chiming the Prosperity Bell, and surrounding oneself with this symbol of peace and prosperity to welcome more luck. So don't hesitate to hit the bell and wish for your well-being or good luck!

The Cafe and Shop
After seeing, hearing, touching, and feeling the grand presence of the regal icon, swing by the cafe for a pit stop and refuel your energy with some authentic Singapore toasts and drinks. Bring home some souvenirs for your family and friends as a memorable way to share your Merlion experience with them.

The View
Set foot in the Merlion's mouth to get up close and personal with the legend. But don't stop till you get to the crown! At 60 metres above sea level, you will actually be seeing Singapore through the perspective of the Guardian of Prosperity. Come soak up the 360? commanding view and bask in the aura of this endearing national symbol. You'll see why legends, myths and stories all point to this regal creature for the swift recovery of Singapore's economy from the Asian financial crisis.