S.E.A. Aquarium + Maritime Experiental Museum - Attraction Details

S.E.A. Aquarium + Maritime Experiental Museum

Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM to 7PM


S.E.A. Aquarium™ Singapore is the world’s largest marine life park. Located in Sentosa Island, this sea oceanarium takes you on a unique journey to the depths of the deep blue sea. Take a walk under the ocean and discover over 100,000 sea creatures. An innovative, interactive and multi-sensorial museum, The Maritime Experiential Museum is the only museum in Singapore where visitors can experience Asia’s rich maritime history and discover Singapore’s past as a trading port.


Immerse yourself in an underwater experience at the largest aquarium in the world
• Enter the breath-taking underwater realm featuring over 100,000 marine creatures, from over 800 species across 49 habitats!
• Check out the Maritime Xperiential Museum complete with boat reconstructions, shipwreck artifacts and maritime archaeology
• Experience an incredible 360° 4D multi-sensory shipwreck simulation enhanced by special effects at the Typhoon Theatre
• As the planet's largest aquarium, you'll experience the biggest ocean viewing windows in the world and the world's largest underwater acrylic dome at 9m in diameter!

S.E.A. Aquarium Shark Seas -

Dive into Shark Infested Waters:
Really? Yes! Is it dangerous? No! This magical realm takes you closer to one of the most frightening yet awe-inspiring species that the ocean has to offer – sharks. The Shark Seas exhibit introduces silvertip sharks, sandbar sharks and hammerhead sharks. Commonly referred to as the king of the seas, the exhibit transports visitors right into their kingdom. Meet The Dolphins: Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins are sure to be the apple of your eye at S.E.A. Aquarium™ Singapore. These magical creatures are as stunning as they get and the surrounding pools of synchronized fish make your experience even more special.

The Open Ocean Experience:
The Open Ocean exhibit is possibly the greatest attraction at this Sentosa aquarium. It features a single-pane window that stretches over 27 feet in height and 120 feet in width, presenting a magical journey that engulfs you with the ocean’s ‘gentle giants’, leopard sharks, manta rays, mahi mahi and more. The panoramic view that stretches as far as the eye can see will engulf you and bring you closer to the diverse collection of marine life as you take a walk in the depths of the great, blue sea. Maritime Experiential Museum (Exhibits and Historic Ships): Typhoon Theatre:

Experience a realistic storm and shipwreck simulation that is enhanced with thrilling special effects in this multi-sensory theatre. Board a 9th century vessel that departs in relative calm but soon runs into a terrifying storm. Before long, visitors will find themselves sinking to the bottom of the sea!


Bao Chuan Viewing Deck:
Standing in the centre of the museum and greeting guests as they enter, is a full-sized replica of the bow of Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship (Bao Chuan) Marvel and learn more about Admiral Zheng He’s voyages from China to the ‘Western Ocean’ and his mighty fleet during the 15th century. An introduction to his voyages from China to the ‘Western Ocean’ during the 15th century is told through a short animated video in a modern open-style theatre.

15th Century Bakau Shipwreck Collection:
The carbon dating of this collection of mainly ceramics cargo and the ship’s remains indicate that it is an early 15th century wreck, making it one of the earliest examples of Chinese shipping found in Southeast Asian waters.

Historic Ship Harbour:

Chinese Fuchuan Junk:
The Chinese Fuchuan junk was first developed in the Han Dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE). It was well-designed, sturdy and efficient and was used extensively in the maritime trade throughout Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Indian Dhow:
The Indian Dhow was adopted by the Arabs about 2,000 years ago and used for trade in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Dhows were well suited to the Maritime Silk Route, because they sailed easily in shallow water and responded well to the monsoon winds.

Important Notes:
1. Admission for children up to age 3 (included) are free.
2. Child ticket is valid for 4-12 years old
3. Smoking is not permitted in the S.E.A. Aquarium