A tiny island hanging off the southern coast of Malaysia, Singapore has evolved from a chaotic colonial port into the futuristic shrine to consumerism that exists today.  A land of vibrant colors, cultures, stunning places and outstanding panoramic views, it is one of the best places to visit. The island is amazingly beautiful, proven by the fact that every year thousands of visitors come here to get a glimpse of the place.

Weather-wise, there is no “best time” to visit Singapore. Known for its year-round warm and humid weather, the city’s temperature stays steady from the mornings to the evenings. And unlike most other cities in the world, it is a jumble of different cultures, a meeting point of new and old architecture and it offers a whole spectrum of dining options ranging from deliciously affordable street food to pricey cuisine.

Because of its compact size, Singapore is very easy to travel and generally safe. It is a top choice for first-time international travel, family trips, and those seeking to indulge in metropolitan luxuries. While costs are significantly higher than the rest of Southeast Asia, a lot of people continue to visit Singapore because of its unique and top-notch attractions that cater to almost every type of traveler.

There are so many spectacular places to visit when you do come, but the question people tend to have is how do they move about?

There are a number of Limousine Services In Singapore with each one very eager to serve and please you. The Singapore Maxi Cab are always ready to serve and are usually just a phone call away. With the attractions of Singapore scattered all around the nation having a means of transporting yourself conveniently from one place to another is a must. Especially if you are travelling with a group of people like your family, friends and loved ones. Limousine Services In Singapore are always at your beck and call.

Most services actually offer Singapore Local Tour Packages that contain most of the attractions the island(s) have to offer, you just have to decide which suites you best. With offers that include airport pickups and transporting you across the various islands you really aren’t short on options.


A leading Travel Agency as well as a Limousine Service in Singapore, Sindomas has a fleet of the best Maxi Taxis you’ll find on the island. They are there to make sure you have that perfect vacation you’ve always wanted. They cover every little detail to make sure your vacation goes hitch free and ensure everything is to your liking. With several Singapore Local Tour Packages that are designed to give you an insight into the traditions, culture and beautiful scenery of each location as well as a range of vehicles for you to chose from to ferry you to and from every destination, Sindomas can truly be your guide to Singapore.

Locations that include places like; Marina Bay Sands,  Jurong Bird Park, Zoological Gardens, Adventure Cove Water park, Universal Studios – Singapore, Madam Tussauds, Merlion Tower and much, much more you are guaranteed to have a great time without having to sweat or worry about transportation as their Maxi Taxis, make Singapore all the more accessible.

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