Singapore is a collection of 63 islands, and the main island is Pulau Ujong. From diversity in food to diversity in people to unique and beautiful places, this place is rich in its culture and welcomes guests from other places with an open heart. This place is full of thrill, culture and beautiful flora and fauna. It has a big diamond shaped island with 62 other islets. Being a global commerce and transport hub, it is the second most competitive country and third largest oil refining and trading center. It is the most technology ready nation(WIF) and third largest foreign exchange markets. Well known for its architecture, arts, culture, recreation and leisure, nature and wildlife. This place is full of monasteries, rides, wildlife sanctuaries, and museums. Singapore is one of the best places to travel in 2017.

Following are the Singapore Attractions you must never miss out.

1. Singapore Botanical Gardens

These botanical gardens are lush green and extremely beautiful. One will surely be taken away by its peaceful aura and be calmed to the core. Some of the famous tours are Orchid Garden Tour and Rain Forest Tour. Some of its famous attractions National Orchid Garden and Jacob Ballas Botanical Garden. 

2. National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore has been an addition to Singapore Arts. It consists of work by leading Singaporean artists like Georgette Chen from Nanyang school of the 1930s to 1970s. 

3. Quayside Isle

It is located in Sentosa Cove and next to the luxurious W Singapore- Sentosa Cove Hotel. With thrilling and picturesque location and more than 20 dining, it is the best decision for all those important outings with family, friends, on a romantic date or on business dinners with clients. It consists of all the international cuisines like Asian, Belgian, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, etc. It has a beautiful panoramic view and will be one of the best experiences. 

4. Discovering Peranakan Culture

Go on and explore the ravishing culture of Singapore’s Straits Chinese immigrants, from their origin to custom to their ways of living, everything is fascinating. You will also be amused by their unique customs and rituals. You can visit Baba House, Katong Antique House, and Peranakan Museum.

One must visit these spots for sure, once in their lifetime, everything is worth watching and will surely leave you astound.